Goods and Transports

Transports of Money and Valuables

Your valuables in safe hands

We secure your transports of money and valuables with specialist teams.

High-value goods

Apart from money, there are many items that require trained personnel for their transport, e.g.

  • Artworks and exhibits
  • Jewellery and precious stones
  • Precious metals
  • Securities
  • Important contracts
  • Data carriers

Legal and technical preconditions

Precisely defined measures with regard to security technology, weapons, insurance law and the legal framework apply to the transport of valuables.

Art courier escorts

Art couriers transport small objects of value. In cases where the person involved does not possess security courier qualifications, an escort can be necessary.

Technology in the service of security

Depending on the situation, numerous technical items can be employed for the protection of the transport and the related persons, e.g.

  • Jewellery cases
  • Safe bags┬á
  • Safety envelopes
  • Special vehicles
  • Various types of weaponry

Security through covert operations

In many cases, it is expedient to carry out covert transports of valuables. Discreet civil transports obscure the fact that a transfer is taking place. The protective escort is provided in plain clothes and depending on the assignment and situation, is either armed or unarmed.

Local, regional and international operations

ibs.pngOwing to our participation in the IBS International Bodyguard Service network, which has its headquarters in Ireland, we are able to offer the protection of transports of money and valuables worldwide.