Goods and Transports

Security Concepts

Protection against attacks and human or technical error

The primary focus of a security concept is on the analysis of possible attack and damage scenarios. The objective is the securing of a jointly defined level of protection. This applies irrespective of whether safeguards against malicious attacks, e.g. theft or sabotage, or against human or technical error are involved.

Our activities are based on method

We adopt a structured approach to the preparation of a security concept:

  • We determine the persons and objects requiring protection and the related security objectives.
  • Our team analyses the threats, risks and damage scenarios.
  • We evaluate the likelihood and potential scale of possible damage.
  • Our agency draws up measures for the prevention and reduced probability of such damage.
  • We monitor the implementation of the security measures.
  • We plan the measures and means needed to combat and limit damage for the case that a risk becomes reality.