Travel Protection

Risk Analyses

Analyses, concepts and precautions

Prior to carrying out escort security assignments, we prepare a professional risk analysis that provides the best possible and most realistic presentation of potential threats. On this basis, a security concept is established and the scope of the tasks involved defined with the client. Through these essential steps, we are in a position to take all the necessary precautions needed for a targeted and efficient response to a dangerous emergency.

A sound concept with clear instructions

The security concept describes the resources and measures that will be used to protect the endangered person and property. These include all the required materials, personnel, technical equipment and organisational aids, and precautions. Our detailed information regarding the current situation in a high-risk or crisis area also flows into the security concept. We obtain this information from sources such as national and international authorities, insurance companies and our multinational partners in the IBS International Bodyguard Service network.

Importance of company liability risk

The employers of persons travelling on business are subject to a duty of care regarding their personnel and are liable for the risks to which the latter are exposed during such journeys. In cases of culpable injury, companies may be subject to substantial claims for compensation. 

In action locally, regionally and internationally

ibs.pngAs a result of our participation in the international network of the IBS International Bodyguard Service, which has its headquarters in Ireland, we are able to offer security services worldwide.