Travel Protection

Security Training

Professional preparations as a preventive measure

Our training provides endangered persons with targeted preparations for their travel to crisis regions, or their time spent in situations subject to risk.

The target group range

Apart from travellers, the target group for training also include managers with responsibility for security and personnel, travel and HR, who are preparing or accompanying a trip.

Sensitization regarding repetitive, dangerous circumstances

The object of the coaching and training is a raising of awareness levels with regard to standard security risks and dangerous circumstances that occur frequently. We explore these on the basis of our extensive knowledge and experience, and focus on the avoidance and handling of hazardous situations. 

Training for dealing with crisis situations

Using highly realistic exercises, we enhance the perception levels of the trainees and their ability to judge security situations. We then work with them on drawing up concrete options for action aimed at preventing stress and dangerous circumstances. The goal is to ensure that in an actual emergency, the endangered person remains able to react.

Training content and objectives

The core content of our security training, which can also be provided for larger attendee groups at your company, includes the following: :

  • Background information regarding security risks 
  • Travel preparations
  • Conduct in stress situations
  • Behaviour in the face of acute threats and the case of attack
  • Training of security-oriented conduct in typical danger situations